EDMO and Camp Galileo: Friends United for Summer STEAM Fun!

March 21, 2023

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Galileo Camps - Discount code for EDMO pals

No EDMO in your area and looking for a summer full of innovation, friendship and fun? EDMO has partnered with Camp Galileo, a summer camp with a similar mission and values, to ensure your kiddo has an unforgettable STEAM-focused summer experience. In this post, we'll briefly explore what makes Camp Galileo a friend of EDMO and how our families can save on camp fees with an exclusive discount code.

Camp Galileo: A Friend of EDMO

Camp Galileo shares EDMO's dedication to providing kids with engaging, hands-on learning experiences that foster creativity, innovation and a growth mindset. With 20+ locations across the Bay Area, they offer a convenient alternative for EDMO families whose schools may not offer our programs yet.

Flexible and Inclusive Programs

Camp Galileo offers weeklong sessions with options for full-day care, making it a convenient choice for busy families. They also provide financial assistance through their Innovation for All program, ensuring every kid has the opportunity to attend.

Age-Appropriate Learning and Fun

Much like EDMO’s approach, Camp Galileo offers unique programs for kids in grades K-10th, with a focus on STEAM projects, collaboration and outdoor fun. They create an environment where kids can explore, learn and grow together.

Empowering Kids with Innovation Skills

Camp Galileo's approach aligns with the values of EDMO, aiming to teach kids essential innovation skills like creative problem-solving, fearless exploration and persistence. Their experienced staff create inclusive spaces and facilitate new friendships, mirroring EDMO's commitment to making every kid feel truly welcomed and empowered.

EDMO Families Save on Camp Galileo

As a special offer for EDMO families, Camp Galileo is providing an exclusive $50 per week savings when you enroll by March 31st using code EDMOPAL50. This summer, give your kid the opportunity of innovation, friendship and fun at Camp Galileo, a friend of EDMO!

Enroll in Camp Galileo today and let the learning adventure begin!

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