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3-Week Coding & Animation Camp

Gaming, Video Production, Technology, Coding

Due to local COVID-19 regulations, this site currently requires campers to consecutively attend multiple weeks. With this restriction in mind, we have grouped together some of our exciting themes to give your camper a package they are sure to enjoy.

Week 1: 3D Digital Modeling
Design anything you can imagine! This week, kids will learn how to use TinkerCAD, a free online platform from Autodesk that allows anyone to learn modeling with easy-to-use tools and guides. Throughout the week, campers will learn how to manipulate 3D shapes to create anything they can imagine. Kids will also engage in design challenges and group discussions to facilitate innovative problem-solving rooted in the social-emotional skills of the EDMO Method. Put your creativity on display this week!

Week 2: Animation Studio
Ready, set ... action! Become a movie director and producer this week. This week, kids will create their own stop-motion animated film from start to finish. Campers will collaborate on ideas and learn how to storyboard and plan, build their sets, and capture stop-motion animation footage with the web based program "Cloud Stop Motion." During this week, kids will do it all: editing, adding sound effects, music, special effects, titles, and credits. Finally, they will get the chance to "advertise" and showcase their film during a movie preview day with their peers.

Kids will need to bring their own device to camp every day. It can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or Chromebook.

Week 3: Coding in Scratch
Learn how to code your very own games! This week, kids will learn the basics of block-based coding, an entry-level activity that teaches kids the basics of computational thinking. Using the online platform Scratch, kids will learn all there is to know about Sprites, coding character movement, time-keeping mechanics, and other conditions for winning or losing a game. By the end of the week, campers will know how to create single-player and multiplayer games as well as practice their problem-solving skills. Get ready to build your coding knowledge this week!

Kids will need to bring their own device to camp every day. It can be a laptop computer or Chromebook.