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3-Week Tech & Engineering Camp

Arts, Science, Engineering, Video Production, Music, Technology

Due to local COVID-19 regulations, this site currently requires campers to consecutively attend multiple weeks. With this restriction in mind, we have grouped together some of our exciting themes to give your camper a package they are sure to enjoy.

Week 1: Animation Studio
Ready, set ... action! Become a movie director and producer this week. This week, kids will create their own stop-motion animated film from start to finish. Campers will collaborate on ideas and learn how to storyboard and plan, build their sets, and capture stop-motion animation footage with the web based program "Cloud Stop Motion." During this week, kids will do it all: editing, adding sound effects, music, special effects, titles, and credits. Finally, they will get the chance to "advertise" and showcase their film during a movie preview day with their peers.

Week 2: Engineering with Empathy
Open your hearts and minds with EDMO as we create and engineer with empathy! Kids will get to showcase their maker skills while crafting projects that are intended to make people smile! They will use the design thinking process to brainstorm, blueprint and construct a work of art or a useful invention to make the lives of their loved ones easier. In a year like 2020, spreading love and joy has never been so essential to our world. This theme has an extra special emphasis on reinforcing the importance of social and emotional learning with the intention of creating more connected communities. Engage with others and make the world a little brighter this week in Engineering with Empathy!

Week 3: Viral Beats
Create your own music and choreograph your own dance! The Viral Beats camp will guide kids through the foundations of creating their own original music using an online platform called Soundtrap. Over the course of the camp, kids will learn about how to be a good digital citizen, how to add tracks on Soundtrap, how to use ""loops"" to create songs, and how to add various instruments or record with the MIDI feature They will wrap up the week by choreographing a simple dance that matches their new tune! Start the next viral sensation with all that you learn at EDMO!

Kids will need to bring their own device to camp every day. It can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or Chromebook.

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