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4-Week Chemistry & Arts Camp

Science, Movement, Mindfulness

Due to local COVID-19 regulations, this site currently requires multiple weeks be attended consecutively. With this restriction in mind, we have grouped together some of our exciting themes to give your camper a package they are sure to enjoy every minute of.

Weeks 1 & 2: Chemistry Lab
If you love chemistry, this is your element! This week, kids will put on their science hat and explore through the lens of fun, hands-on experiments. Kids will learn what molecules are made of and how individual atoms determine how substances interact with each other. Will they explode?! Or maybe they’ll come together to make something fun like a bouncy ball. While experimenting, kids will learn how to collaborate in order to try out new ideas and problem solve to make new solutions. Put your goggles on and grab an apron as we dive into the world of atoms, molecules and reactions this week in Chemistry Lab!
In the first week of Chemistry Lab, we will focus on how different atoms and molecules interact with each other utilizing colorful experiments. In the second week, we will continue building on chemical reactions and how molecules bond.

Weeks 3 & 4: Expressive Arts
Follow your art to Camp EDMO this summer! Kids will explore and experiment with a variety of expressive art forms. This camp will expose kids to a variety of expressive art disciplines, including visual arts, creative writing, dance or movement, music, and dramatic expression. As kids engage with interdisciplinary expressive arts, they will discover how to use their own internal experiences as catalysts for creativity and innovation. Kids will be enlightened on how creative engagements are fundamental to the human experience, offering an array of benefits and opportunities for cognitive gains, emotional maturity, improved self-efficacy, and increased empathy. Explore your own expressions with us this week in Expressive Arts!

In the first week of Expressive Arts, kids will incorporate mindfulness and movement as they read stories that span across cultural traditions. In the second week, they will utilize what they've learned to create their own stories, movements and mindfulness practices.

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