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4-Week Jr Science & Maker Camp (B)

Arts, Science, Engineering, Maker

Due to local COVID-19 regulations, this site currently requires campers to consecutively attend multiple weeks. With this restriction in mind, we have grouped together some of our exciting themes to give your camper a package they are sure to enjoy.

Week 1: Fantastic Jurassic
Chomp your teeth into an amazing week where you'll learn all about dinos! Kids will learn about the history and biology of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures while also creating their own dino-inspired art. Campers will make their own dinosaur feet, a foot-track art piece, and close out the week with an EDMO Dino Dig for fossils. As campers learn about how these ginormous reptiles lived millions of years ago, the crafts and digs will flex their collaboration skills as well as their responsibility and empathy.

Week 2: Sensory Scientists
Dive into a feast for your senses! During this week, kids will learn about their five senses, engaging in experiments and activities with each of them. We'll discuss the science behind our senses — how do we see and hear? — and then put our senses to the test with interactive activities. Campers will become scientists, too, through finger painting, making their own sound shakers, and creating a texture collage. They will also learn how their senses can help with emotion management and mindfulness, helping them to be in tune with themselves.

Week 3: Space Squad
3 … 2 … 1 … Blast off with the EDMO Space Squad! Squad members will complete introductory maker activities that investigate the beauty of our solar system and beyond. Imagination and design skills will be in full force as we repurpose household and maker supplies to create rockets, unique planets, and our very own alien life form. Kids will flex their creative problem-solving abilities as they take off on an epic journey to Mars and beyond!

Week 4: Super Spies
What do you spy with your little eye? This week, kids will learn to use their five senses to uncover a mystery. They'll make gadgets that enhance or help them learn how to better use their senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Every day, campers will train their senses as they complete tasks like fingerprint analysis or create “spy” identities complete with disguises they make. They’ll also design tools like spy phones, voice modulators, and invisible ink that they'll use to communicate and sniff out the clues to solve our EDMO mystery!