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Engineering with Empathy: Community

Arts, Mindfulness, Science, Engineering, Maker

“All sorts of things can happen when you’re open to new ideas and playing around with things.” — Stephanie Kwolek, chemist who invented Kevlar and winner of the Lavoisier Medal for technical achievements
If you could make anything to make someone in your life smile, what would it be? This week, campers are encouraged to open their hearts and minds as we create and engineer with empathy! Campers will use the design thinking process to brainstorm, blueprint and construct a work of art or a useful invention to make the lives of their loved ones easier. 

Making the world a little bit brighter
Let’s create with the intent of being in service to our communities. This week in engineering with empathy, kids will go through the design process of creating, testing, and recreating an original project that they believe will be for the betterment of their community. Kids will utilize social emotional learning and problem solving to identify a possible solution to an issue much greater than themselves. They will design and engineering a prototype that they believe can really make a difference. This theme focuses on utilizing creativity and engineering to better our world. 

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