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EDMO Coach

At EDMO, we ignite curiosity and creativity year-round. Similar to executive coaches and mentors that many adults have, EDMO Coach is designed to help all kids with all learning styles discover their passions and reach their academic goals.

EDMO Coach Online

From homework help (in all subjects) and academic sessions (including math, English, and biology), to gaming, coding, and arts and music, kids get the direct support and motivation to learn and cultivate their interests — all online.

EDMO Coach In-Person

Coming soon! Coach In-Person brings all of the excitement and learning of Coach Online to your door, or coffee shop, or park! Want to be the first to know when Coach In-Person launches? Click here to sign up for EDMO news and updates.

EDMO - Summer camps, tutoring, social emotional learning and STEAM

Curriculum + Coaches

Choose from over 100 subjects and more than 50 Coaches! Our Coaches are experienced teachers, artists, and college students who are passionate about their expertise and about helping kids succeed. From tutoring support to helping kids gain a deeper understanding of their extracurricular hobbies, EDMO Coaches are equipped to ensure every session expands the participants' horizons.

What Parents and Kids Are Saying About EDMO

Ceramics Coach
My daughter looks forward to her ceramics session each week. I hear the ripples of laughter throughout the house when she is online with Kimchi. Kim has brought a lot of joy to our lives during this difficult time. And the creatures they create together are magical. So grateful to have found EDMO and enjoy their services all the way from Los Angeles.
Coach Parent
Rockstar tutor!
Our Coach is a rockstar! She is an authentic educator and mentor who inspired her students to engage fully in their learning experiences and get the most out of every session!
Coach Parent
Supportive and approachable music tutor
Getting my son to learn to play the Ukulele has been like pulling teeth. My son, however, loves their coach and said he was the best part of his stay at home camp week. My husband and I both work from home now and we can hear the lessons. He is patient, funny and teaches him in a manner that’s supportive and very approachable. So glad we found him!
Coach Parent