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Sliding Scale Financial Aid

We are working to dismantle the financial barriers
that prevent families from accessing our programs.

We allocate 5% of all revenue and 100% of donations to our Sliding Scale Financial Aid Program. Requests for assistance are based on the honor system and designed to be simple and instant. 

Qualifying families receive codes that discount up to four weeks of On-Site Camp (in-person), Online Camp or Online Classes per child.  

How to Request Financial Aid

Step 1  Fill out ONE form below per family. 
Step 2  Check your email. 
Step 3  Apply your code(s).

Financial Aid Policies (Please read carefully)

Code Redemption: Financial Aid codes can be applied for up to four weeks of EDMO On-Site Camps, Online Camps and Online Classes. Codes are not valid for EDMO Coach, Coach@Home, Class@Home or Birthday Parties. 

Code Expiration. Codes expire at the end of each month or when our allotted monthly funds run out. If we disperse all of the funds before the end of a month, we will post a message on this page. You can submit again the following month.

One Code for All Siblings. The codes you receive will work for all siblings on the same account. 

One Code per Transaction. If you request financial aid for both online and in-person programs, you will receive a separate code for each. To redeem the two codes, you will need to do two separate purchases. Only one code can be entered in the Promo Code field per transaction.

One Request per Month. Please only submit ONE request form per month. If you need more than four weeks of camps or classes, you can resubmit the following month. If you submit more than one form in a month, only your first code will be honored. Additional codes will be disabled and any invalid registrations made with those codes will be canceled and refunded. 

How Aid is Calculated. Aid amounts are automatically calculated based on the total number of people in the household, the annual family household income and the median income of the county and state of residence.

How to Request More Aid. We know each family’s financial situation is unique. If you need more aid or you didn’t qualify for aid, the confirmation email will include instructions on how to request more aid.

First come. First serve. We recommend using your codes immediately as it is possible for funds to run out in a month.

If you have questions about our financial aid program, please contact