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Sliding Scale Financial Aid

 At EDMO we are working to dismantle the financial barriers that prevent
systemically oppressed communities from accessing our programs.

Having a robust financial aid program is integral to our equity efforts. In 2021 we are intentionally allocating 5% of our revenue and 100% of your donations to our Sliding Scale Financial Aid Program. 

Our sliding scale financial aid program is based on the honor system and is designed to be simple and instant. Here is how it works:

  • Financial aid is distributed every month on a "first come, first serve" basis. 
  • Families can request financial aid every month. 
  • We use a rubric to determine the % off amount (between 20% and 90%) each family receives.
  • Our rubric is based on the total number of people in the household, the annual household income and the county and state of residence.

To receive financial aid, please follow these steps:

  • Complete the form below. 
  • After completing the form, look for an email from EDMO with two customized codes. One for EDMO Online programs and one for EDMO in person programs.
  • Your unique codes can be used at checkout for any EDMO program* twice per child within the month that you receive the codes. 
  • Codes expire at the end of the month or when monthly funds run out.
  • You can re submit the form every month.

* At this time, we are unable to offer financial aid for the following our Coach programs; Coach, Coach@Home, Camp@Home.

If you have questions about our financial aid program, please contact

To learn more about EDMO’s equity efforts in addition to our Sliding Scale Financial Aid Program, click HERE.

Click here for the Financial Aid form.