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Roblox Online Camps & Classes
In each session, kids collaborate to complete community building challenges on EDMOtopia, EDMO’s multiplayer Minecraft server. Not only will they practice fundamental computer skills such as mouse manipulation, keyboard shortcuts, and 3D spatial reasoning, but also engage in Social Emotional Learning activities.
Learn Roblox Game Design & Programming
Redstone is an element that powers up all kinds of machines and circuits in the Minecraft universe! It can be use to create interactive mechanisms, such as moving elevators and hidden trapdoors. And EDMO Coaches can help Minecraft builders learn how to mine redstone and deploy redstone. In our 1:1 coaching sessions, we'll also encourage endless creativity and problem-solving skills.
Roblox Virtual Birthday Parties, Roblox Birthday Party

Kids will engage with each other while building together and our party host will guide the kids through new ideas and problem solving as they create in the world. The birthday star will get to choose their favorite color fireworks, the Minecraft world they and their friends get to build in and the specific game rules they want.

EDMO Minecraft programs are designed to provide kids
the opportunity to practice these skills from The EDMO Method®:

The EDMO Method Recipe - Social Emotional Learning
Working with others towards a common goal or action

Social Emotional Learning  - Initiative
Taking action, staying motivated, and persevering through challenges

Social Emotional Learning - Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Defining a problem, proposing solutions, testing those solutions and adapting accordingly
Social Emotional Learning - Problem Solving
Emotion Management
Being aware of and managing both positive and challenging emotions in a healthy way

Minecraft Online Camps & Classes