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3D Digital Modeling (B)

“Everything you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso
If you could build anything you could imagine, what would it be? This is the week to do just that! TinkerCAD is a free online platform by Autodesk that allows anyone to learn modeling with easy to use tools and guides. Throughout the week, campers will learn how to use TinkerCAD to manipulate 3D shapes and create anything they can imagine!

Put your creativity on display!
One of the critical components of design is working as a group to bring big ideas to life. That’s why campers will also engage in design challenges and group discussions to facilitate innovative problem-solving rooted in the social-emotional skills of the EDMO Method.

Equipment required: Kids can log in to TinkerCAD on a tablet, laptop computer, or Chromebook. If you're using a tablet to connect to the camp via Zoom, a second device is recommended.