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Animation Studio (B)

“Animation seems a real, natural extension of drawing as a way of telling a story visually.” - Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Animator

How do you bring a story to life using animation? We answer that question this week as campers create their own stop-motion animated film from start to finish, using the web-based program, Cloud Stop Motion. Campers will learn how to storyboard and plan, build their sets, and capture stop-motion animation footage, while also gaining valuable teamwork skills through idea collaboration.

From idea to premiere!
Campers will become a movie director and producer as they learn the entire animation process, from editing to adding sound effects, music, special effects, titles, and credits. Finally, they will get the chance to "advertise" and showcase their film during a movie preview day with their peers!

Equipment required: Campers can log into Cloud Stop Motion on a tablet, laptop computer, or Chromebook. If you're using a tablet to connect to the camp via Zoom, a second device is recommended.