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Minecraft Coding (B)

“There is no problem that doesn't have some underlying need for more optimism, stamina, resilience and collaboration. And games are, I believe, the best platform we have for providing that.” -Jane McGonigal, game designer

Do you love "last person standing" obstacle course games like Fall Guys? Come make your own in Roblox this week! We’ll kick off the week with some quick tutorials to learn the ropes of Roblox Studio. These tutorials include object modeling and coding for common game mechanics like moving platforms, hazards and game physics. Next, campers will use Roblox Game Coder to learn about the game design process including brainstorming, building, coding and finally playtesting.

Equipment required: Laptop or desktop computer, Roblox account (free at
Roblox Studio software (free at
This camp is NOT compatible with Chromebooks.
Mouse Recommended