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Ingenious Innovators: Music Makers

Class starts 

March 29, 2021






What does a violin sound like? How about a snare drum? Channel your inner musician and maker by learning about different types of instruments. In this five-session class, you'll learn about strings, brass, percussion, and other types of instrument before brainstorming and designing your own.

Kids will learn about different types of instruments and sounds and how to create different sound effects at home. They will also be involved in the brainstorming process, prototyping and retesting their new instrument to create a final product they are proud of.

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Learn how violins, trumpets, and timpani sound, then make your own instrument!

This class is  


 and is available as a Single Session

Online Camps are 2.5 hour (half day) programming in the style of EDMO Summer Camps, featuring extra movement activities, social emotional learning curriculum and weekly rallies with a fun-filled pie extravaganza!

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This Class Starts at

9:30 AM

 PST and lasts

150 Minutes

SEL Focus/Mindsets:

Responsibility.  Honoring commitments and faithfully complete tasks related to the role in a community

Empathy. Treating others with acceptance, understanding, and a sensitivity to their diverse perspectives and experiences

Collaboration. Working together with others towards a common goal or action

Initiative. Taking action, staying motivated, and persevering through challenges

Problem Solving. Defining a problem, proposing solutions, testing those solutions and adapting accordingly

Emotion Management. Being aware of and managing both positive and challenging emotions in a healthy way

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March 29, 2021
 for ages 
March 29, 2021
 for ages