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Bring the fun and excitement of in-person Camp EDMO to your home or backyard!


Camp@Home brings all of the campiness and learning to you.
Form a group of up to 8 kids, provide the space and EDMO will do the rest!

We work with you to customize the camp experience based on your group's ages and interests, choosing from more than 20 Maker, Arts, Science or Technology based themes.

Your dedicated EDMO instructor will lead the group in a daily rotation of activities including opening and closing rallies, (filled with songs, skits and PIES!) hands-on learning and games that interactively engage their minds and bodies, encourage creativity and collaboration all while helping them build social connections, empathy and a growth mindset.

Camp@Home is perfect for parents of kids in grades Pre-K - 5 who are interested in a lower cost camp option, are not comfortable with the public camp setting, already have a pod going or are unable to secure one of the spots at our on-site camp locations.

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Camp@Home runs Monday - Friday You can choose the schedule that works for you, either 8am - 2pm or 9am - 3pm (local time). 

Camp session length: Choose from one week to six weeks. Please Note: We will be complying with all county and state COVID-19 regulations. There are certain locations where Camp@Home will be required to be purchased in multi-week sessions, please search your zip code below for more details on multi-week requirements**



Choose 1 or 2 Coaches for your Camp@Home program.

If you choose one Coach, another adult will need to be at home for the entire duration of the camp day to cover Coach breaks.



1 Coach:  $2,750/week up to 8 kids
(as low as $343.75/week per child, $11.46/hour/kid)

2 Coaches:  
$3,900/week up to 8 kids
(as low as $487.50/week per child, $16.25/hour/kid)

To start the booking process

First search your zip code below to see Camp@Home availability in your area. If there is no availability currently in your area, let us know you are interested here and we will reach out when Camp@Home comes to your area.

Next, one parent/guardian will need to click the Enroll Now button below to begin building your Camp@Home program. 

*Once in the booking portal, you must choose the Monday of the week you would like to start camp and the start time, then continue with the registration process. Please Note: Due to Covid restrictions, your Camp@Home start date may be subject to a three week turn around time from the time you register (valid only on programs booked after May 17th). 

After you complete the registration form you will receive a confirmation email with information about the next steps in the process including when to expect information for you to send to the other families and how to reach out to us with any questions.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Camp@Home is not yet available at this zip code. Request your zip code here.

Interested in hosting an EDMO@Home program?

In order to host an EDMO@Home program, the host needs to provide the following:

  • If you want to hold any activities indoor: Well ventilated spaces that have either windows that open, an HVAC system or an air purifier.
  • A place for the child(ren) and Coach(es) to wash their hands.
  • A bathroom for the child(ren) and the Coach(es) to use.
  • Enough space for the child(ren) and Coach(es) to eat, work and play and be 6 ft apart at all times. Kids from the same household do not need to maintain 6 feet.
  • A small space to store program supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions