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Coach@Home offers in-person customized tutoring and mentoring sessions for Pre-K - 12th graders in the comfort of your home or backyard. We offer academic subjects like Math, English and Science or hobbies and passions like Roblox, painting and ukulele. Schedule private, 1:1 sessions or group coaching for up to 3 children.


EDMO® Coach@Home is our in-person tutoring and mentoring program that brings the learning and fun of EDMO to the comfort of your own home or backyard.  

Whether you are looking for someone to help your child with their distance learning or to teach them a new language, we can customize the sessions based on your needs and goals. You can choose individual or group sessions, up to three kids total at a time (you form the group). EDMO Coaches are credentialed teachers, artists, and college students who are passionate about their expertise and about building mentor relationships with kids. Each Coach integrates social and emotional skill-building into their sessions, helping kids navigate challenges and build self-awareness.

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There is a 2 hour minimum per session and a minimum of 3 week commitment.



An EDMO Coach will come to your home and work with your child or group. An adult must remain in the home at all times during the coaching session.



2 hours: $80/hour
3 hours: $78/hour
4 hours: $75/hour

Extra Children/hour: There will be an additional charge of $10/hour per child for any additional children added for the group coaching sessions.

To start the booking process

First search your zip code below to see Coach@Home availability in your area. If there is no availability currently in your area, let us know you are interested here and we will reach out when Coach@Home comes to your area. 

Next, one parent/guardian will need to fill out the form below to begin building your Coach@Home program. Please Note: Due to Covid restrictions, your Coach@Home start date may be subject to a three week turn around time from when we receive the form. 

You will receive an email from an EDMO Program Manager within two business days of submitting the form. If we have a Coach available in your area, the email will include information about your Coach, the confirmed dates and times of your sessions as well as a link to book your Coach and pay for the program.

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Interested in hosting an EDMO@Home program?

In order to host an EDMO@Home program, the host needs to provide the following:

  • If you want to hold any activities indoor: Well ventilated spaces that have either windows that open, an HVAC system or an air purifier.
  • A place for the child(ren) and Coach(es) to wash their hands.
  • A bathroom for the child(ren) and the Coach(es) to use.
  • Enough space for the child(ren) and Coach(es) to eat, work and play and be 6 ft apart at all times. Kids from the same household do not need to maintain 6 feet.
  • A small space to store program supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Coach@Home program?

  • Visit the Coach@Home page. 
  • Search for your Zip Code to see if Coach@Home is available in your area. 
  • If Coach@Home is available in your area, a request form will pop up once you search your Zip Code. 
  • Fill out the request form to let us know what coaching options you are interested in. 
  • Our Program Manager will reach out within 48 business hours to finalize your Coach@Home sessions.

How many sessions of Coach@Home do I have to sign up for when registering?

  • Due to COVID regulations and safety concerns, we require that each family sign up for a minimum of 3 weeks of coaching sessions at a time with at least one coaching session each week. You are always welcome to book more sessions and you can let us know if you want more sessions during the registration process.

How will I get paired with my coach?

  • Once you fill out the Coach@Home Request form, one of our EDMO Program Managers will review your information and find the perfect Coach to match your needs. They will send you an email confirming your Coach and send along some more details about your assigned Coach. If we have multiple Coaches available in your area, our Program Manager will send you a few Coaches to choose from along with their bios so you can choose the perfect fit for your family. Once a Coach has been assigned to your family, they will reach out the week before your sessions start to get to know your child’s or group’s specific needs and tell you a little more about what to expect during the coaching sessions.

What is the minimum amount of time for each Coach@Home session?

  • Each session for Coach@Home has a minimum of 2 hours. You can always book more than 2 hours per session and this option is available during the registration process.

How does EDMO define a coaching session?

  • A coaching session is each time an EDMO coach comes to your home. The length of each session can vary depending on your needs but each session must be a minimum of 2 hours.

What happens during a Coach@Home session?

  • Each Coach@Home session is completely customizable to your family’s or group’s needs. After you fill out the request form, your assigned EDMO Coach will reach out to introduce themselves and learn more about your goals for the coaching sessions. They will then create a customized experience focusing on the areas you outlined to them as your priorities for the session.

What happens after a Coach@Home session?

  • After each session, your EDMO Coach will send a detailed email outlining everything that they did in the session and the plans for the next session to all coaching families.