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EDMO’s 1:1 Tutoring Program

At EDMO, we champion kids to become lifelong learners while also embracing their true and authentic selves. That’s why we developed EDMO® Coach, our one-on-one tutoring and coaching program where we help kids, grades Pre-K to 12, discover their passions and reach their academic goals, all while having fun!

From homework help (in all subjects) and academic sessions (including math, English and biology), to gaming, coding, and arts and music, kids can get the direct support and motivation to learn and cultivate their passions.

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Expert Tutors & Coaches

Our coaches are credentialed teachers, artists, and college students who are passionate about their expertise and about helping kids succeed. From tutoring support to helping kids gain a deeper understanding of their interests, EDMO coaches are equipped to make sure each session is expanding the horizons of learning.

All of our coaches integrate social and emotional skill-building into their sessions, helping kids navigate challenges, build self-awareness, and develop an even greater understanding of their impact on the world.

The EDMO Method

At the heart of EDMO Coach lives our EDMO Method. This is our commitment to educate the whole child — mind, body, and heart. EDMO Coach focuses on expanding the boundaries of learning and is rooted in social and emotional learning concepts. Through EDMO Coach sessions, kids gain the tutoring, coaching, and mentoring to help them learn in a way that connects to the world around them.

How to Book An EDMO Coach Session

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Choose a Subject or Coach

Search by coach or subject based on your child’s needs.
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 COMING SOON: Choose a Format

All of our sessions are online, with opportunities for in-person coming soon. Choose what works best for you — Coach Online or Coach in Person!

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Our coach sessions are convenient and flexible. Book based on your availability!
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"Kim has been the Public Speaking and English writing tutor for our daughter over the last 5 months. Issa always looks forward to having a session with Kim every week. She built up her confidence, stamina, and joy in writing over the period, and we are happy to see her visible growth. The most valuable part is that she is doing this, not as an enforced homework, but as an extension of fun activity. It is great to see how much they can absorb knowledge at that age with a good instruction. Thank you, Kim! "

Parent of an EDMO Coach Online Student

"Getting my son to learn to play the Ukulele has been like pulling teeth. My son, however, loves their coach and said he was the best part of his stay at home camp week. My husband and I both work from home now and we can hear the lessons. He is patient, funny and teaches him in a manner that’s supportive and very approachable. So glad we found him!"

Parent of an EDMO Coach Online Student

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I schedule an online coaching session for more than one child?

No, the EDMO coach program is designed to foster a 1:1 learning environment.

How far in advance do I need to book an online coaching session?

Booking an EDMO Coach session through our website requires at least 24 hours of lead time.

Can I book recurring online coaching sessions?

Yes! Select “Book recurring sessions” in the session checkout page. You can book as many as 50 sessions at one time.

Zoom Info & Safety

Where do I get my online coaching session Zoom link?

It comes in your confirmation email after booking your session.

Do I need to be present for the entire duration of the online coaching session?

We recommend an adult or other individual who can help log on to Zoom be present for the first 5-10 minutes of the session to help kids make sure all supplies or technology works. For our youngest kids (ages 4-6), there may be times they need help with their project such as cutting and gluing, so we advise that an adult be nearby to help. EDMO is not responsible for the full supervision of kids in our online coaching sessions. An adult must be present for those kids who need physical supervision.

How should I set my kid up to join Zoom?

In addition to having the Zoom link for the online coaching session, we suggest a few guidelines to ensure the safety of kids and their families online: 
1. Remind your kid that they should never disclose personal information such as full home address or phone number online. Our instructors might ask kids where they live when doing introductions, but they are asking only for a state or city.
2. Make sure your kid has the supplies they need for the session near them in their work area so they do not need to spend time going to find those.

What should I do if I have Zoom issues during the online coaching session?

We do not have any control over Zoom issues that may arise during the online coaching session, but we will do everything we can to help you when we can. For more information, please refer to these Zoom troubleshooting guides: Camera/Video Issues & Audio Issues / Audio Testing

In-Person (Coach@Home)


What is the minimum length session I can book?

Two hour long session

What is the minimum length commitment for Coach @ Home?

Three weeks

COVID-19 Protocols

What COVID-19 precautions will Coaches take?

Coaches will be COVID-19 tested before every new session cycle (every three weeks). Coaches and families will have to complete a health questionnaire and submit temperature before every in-person session. Masks or face coverings must be worn over the mouth and nose at all times by the coach and family. The six foot social distancing rule will be enforced in every home. Additionally, all coaches and families will sign a community safety agreement prior to session starts.

Will EDMO abide by state and local COVID-19 laws and regulations?

Yes, EDMO abides by all state and local COVID-19 laws and regulations in addition to even more stringent EDMO protocols and precautions to keep our families and coaches healthy and safe.

What happens if there is a COVID-19 exposure?

All in person sessions will be moved immediately to the virtual setting. A negative COVID-19 test must be provided by the coach and family before in person sessions resume.