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Our classes and afterschool programs are on summer break - check back in August!

Online Holiday & School Break Camps

Online Holiday & School Break camps & classes are live, interactive, Zoom-based programs which provide opportunities for kids to navigate collaborative design challenges, practice mindfulness and get a little silly! Our programs integrate social and emotional skill-building and movement, with kids spending as much time out of their seats moving their bodies as they do absorbed in hands-on projects. All the summer fun you're used to during all your school breaks - online! 

EDMO Online Holiday & School Break Classes
Pre-K to 8
Schedule: 60 or 90 minutes each. Choose from ongoing or one-time single day classes, whenever your schedule allows.

EDMO Holiday & School Break Online Camps 
Pre-K to 8
Schedule: Offered daily or weekly in 2.5 hour sessions twice a day - sign up for one or both! Camp programming includes additional elements like rallies with songs, skits and PIES!

Bug BuddiesMinecraft EDMOtopia
Get up and get down with flying bugs, burrowing worms and creepy crawlers! Kids will take a closer look at how these fascinating tiny creatures have adapted to their respective environments. We will put our creativity to work and make art that helps us learn all about these creatures' unique features, how they travel, what they eat and what essential role they play in our world’s ecosystem.
What's more fun than playing Minecraft? Learning how to get better at playing Minecraft! In this class, kids virtually collaborate with classmates to complete community building challenges in EDMOtopia, EDMO’s multiplayer Minecraft server. Not only will they practice fundamental computer skills such as mouse manipulation, keyboard shortcuts, and 3D spatial reasoning, but also engage in Social Emotional Learning activities centered on respect, empathy, collaboration, and digital etiquette.
9:30 AM9:30 AM1 PM PST1 PM PST

"I am often able to hear the student and child interaction and it has been amazing. The staff is attentive and always attempts to assist and explain every step of the acyivities as well as the why to the children. My expectations have been greatly exceeded. Thank you!!!"

"We are so thankful that this program was offered to give our kids some engagement and stimulation outside of us and our 4 walls. One of our kiddos is at high risk for COVID, and traditional summer camp is not an option this year. The instructors were so patient, and the content was fun and manageable for beginners. I have been recommending these camps to everyone I know!"