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Using Tech Projects at Home

This guide details how to view and edit digital take-home projects created during any of our tech-themed camps and classes. For further questions, please email

Camp EDMO - STEAM Summer Camps

Minecraft EDMOtopia

In our Minecraft EDMOtopia classes and camps, kids work together in a shared Minecraft server to build incredible creations.  Although we close the server at the end of the camp/class, kids are able to download a copy of the virtual world they create.  This copy can be played in Single Player to show friends and family -- and, if you’re hosting a Minecraft server of your own, you can put this copy into your server and continue playing Multiplayer with friends.

To access this save file, you will need Minecraft: Java Edition.  These project files are not compatible with the console, tablet, or smartphone versions of Minecraft.

To get a copy of your world file:

  • Click this link to go to our Dropbox, where we store the files.  When prompted for a password, use the password included in your “Welcome Packet” that you received at the start of camp/class.  (If you do not have this password, please email
  • Once in the Dropbox, navigate to the date / location / theme of your class.
  • Select the world file (which should be a .ZIP file) and then click the Download button.
  • Move the downloaded .ZIP file to your Minecraft saves folder.  (Check out this link if you’re not sure where your Minecraft saves folder is.)
  • Extract the .ZIP file.  When you next load Minecraft, your world should appear in your Single Player list of saved games!