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Courtney Cimoli

Courtney has held a variety of roles at Camp EDMO® since February 2012 and has most recently stepped into the COO role after our pivot into the world of online learning! She has been working to educate children in a variety of settings since she was 13 years old, starting as the manager of a kid’s martial arts program and then finding her passion for summer camp when she began directing a Humane Education camp while working towards her Animal Science degree. After graduating from Calpoly, San Luis Obispo and spending many years in the shelter industry, including working for two years as a surgery technician for veterinary medicine, she decided to make the exciting switch to a full-time emphasis on education with her move to the Bay Area to join Camp EDMO®. When Courtney isn’t working she is hanging out at home with her new baby girl and two awesome pups.