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Rachel Shensa

Rachel is excited to take on the role as Recruiting & HR Manager! After directing camp 3 years ago, she fell in love with all things EDMO and never left. Growing up Rachel was a serial day camper turned CIT and counselor. She’s a huge fan of what camp experiences can do to enhance a child’s growth and capacity to learn. Before going back to school for her masters in advertising, she taught enrichment classes, worked at an after-school program, and taught first grade and Kindergarten. Prior to joining the EDMO team, Rachel spent her days teaching and training adults on how to improve their work performance and helping brands build connections with their customers. This experience helped her figure out her love for Human Resources with a strong focus on the human part! She’s been the Recruiting Manager for the last year and is now delighted to take on all other parts of Human Resources. Outside of work, Rachel likes to read, write, explore, cuddle with her cats, and see live music (stream it for the time being).