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Tanya Petera

Tanya is honored to be advising on the new EDMO® Medical Advisory Board. Unable to sit still for long, she has had a wide variety of careers in the medical field. However, this has added to her experience and appreciation for medicine. She started out as an EMT for 3 years in Santa Barbara County. There she transitioned to 911 dispatcher for about a year, dispatching police, fire, and ambulance across the county. Her love for the northeast brought her back to her hometown in New Jersey where she studied to be a Registered Nurse and achieve her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has been a nurse now for about 3 years working in several different environments. At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia specializing in hematology, immunology, and allergy. At Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin Texas specializing in critical care for post surgical, cardiac, and general pediatric patients. And now she is a school nurse at an Elementary School. Her passion for kids and the medical field are what drive her.