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Digital Arts

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Our coaches are credentialed teachers, artists, and college students who are passionate about their expertise and about building mentor relationships with kids. Each coach integrates social and emotional skill-building into their tutoring sessions, helping kids navigate challenges and build self-awareness.

Please note: Booking a coach session through our website requires at least 72 hours of lead time. If you are looking to book a coaching session with less than 72 hours notice, please email or call office 415.282.6673.

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Digital Arts


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Youtube Station

As YouTube becomes a bigger part of kids' screen time, so has the desire to make digital movies and vlogs. EDMO coaches can help kids who are fascinated with the medium gain the skills they need to become content creators. Through a mix of discussion and creative projects, students will learn the basics of video making, and coaches can help them usher their creative ideas into being. Required materials: Mac or windows computer

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Podcasts have all but overtaken radio as a form of creative expression. EDMO coaches can help children of all skill levels brainstorm topics to include in their podcasts, develop their ideas, and help them record and edit their content. Required materials: Mac or Windows computer and sound editing software such as Audacity or TwistedWave.

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English tutoring, online english tutor

Graphic Design

EDMO coaches will help kids who love making posters or dreaming up magazine covers learn the basics of graphic design and the power of visual communication. Through a combination of fun exercises and demonstrations, students will learn how to create visually appealing designs through the use of text and graphics. Required materials: Mac or Windows computer and design software of some kind, such as Canva or Adobe illustrator.

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English tutoring, online english tutor


WordPress is web publishing software anyone can use to create a beautiful website or blog. Even beginners will find it easy and flexible to use. EDMO coaches will work with coders of all ages and skill levels to navigate the software interface, use basic HTML, and format text and images. The coach can offer kids fun exercises to complete and help them as they come up with their own projects, exploring their creativity. In the process, kids can build self-confidence and a growth mindset. Required materials: Mac or Windows computer with internet access; WordPress account

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