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Public Speaking

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Our coaches are credentialed teachers, artists, and college students who are passionate about their expertise and about building mentor relationships with kids. Each coach integrates social and emotional skill-building into their tutoring sessions, helping kids navigate challenges and build self-awareness.

Please note: Booking a coach session through our website requires at least 72 hours of lead time. If you are looking to book a coaching session with less than 72 hours notice, please email or call office 415.282.6673.

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Public Speaking


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Body Language

Of course our mouths speak—but so do our arms and legs, not to mention our eyes. EDMO coaches can help kids with any level of confidence in public speaking, whether they have a hard time speaking up in class or are aspiring performers, develop effective body language for public speaking. Some topics the coaching sessions will address include being aware of tics and habits, the body language to use for specific circumstances and emotions, and learning to read others' body language.

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English tutoring, online english tutor

Confidence and Authenticity

Speaking confidently and authentically requires a strong sense of purpose and a clear understanding of intention. And EDMO coaches can help students of all ages develop these skills! In the tutoring sessions, coaches will focus on developing effective techniques to help kids empower themselves, own their own personal strength, and let go of self-defeating behaviors in order to become a more genuine speaker. Required materials: none

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English tutoring, online english tutor


Our voices are expressions of our personal patterns. The sounds we create, the inflection in our speech, the tones we use, the cadence, and the range affect our influence as a speaker. EDMO coaches can work with students of all ages and confidence levels to help them balance and strengthen their voice.

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