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Basics of Acting

Excited to learn the basics of acting? Work with an EDMO Coach to discover how theater and movies characters come to life in this online session. EDMO Coaches will help kids learn basic acting skills, such as monologue, natural emotional expression, and audition skills. Tutoring sessions will include acting warmups, monologue practice, discussion, and constructive feedback. Required materials: None.
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Jordie Marie Rippon

Jordie Marie Rippon is A graduate student studying Creative Producing and Management at CalArts. She has previously received a Bachelor's of Science in Technology Communication and Theater. She loves to create an environment that makes it fun to learn and loves to encourage and empower kids to think about problems differently as a tool to help solve the problem.

Brandon Rosas Flores

Brandon is a past EDMO summer camp instructor and he is currently working toward his BS on Public Health with a concentration on Health & Wellness and a Forensic Certificate at Chico State. Brandon has been involved in education since he was 12 years old, volunteering at summer programs in San Francisco. During his last year in high school, Brandon was part of a program called Peer Resources a collaboration with the University of San Francisco for future educators. He has lived in multiple countries and has even been to the Model United Nations in Switzerland, World Intellectual Property Organization, and the World Health Organization. Brandon loves to teach and help others and he stands for equality and the right to education for everyone!