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European History

From the indigenous peoples who painted the Lascaux caves to the formation of the European Union, EDMO Coaches help your child learn all about European history. Through lively readings and discussion, these sessions help students of any grade level explore how events in the past have affected present day Europe and other countries around the world. EDMO Coaches can focus on a particular area or provide support on specific concepts covered in kids' schoolwork. Recommended materials: Writing utensil and paper
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Annie Lockmiller

Annie received a B.A. in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and will complete her M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from San Jose State in December 2020. Annie's goal in education is to make a connection with every student she works with. She seeks to help kids develop through compassion and exploring their interests. Annie is dedicated to promoting social justice and cultural awareness to help students develop an informed and open-minded perspective on the world. She also believes in laughter and fun in education. She has experience in working with students in STEM fields as well as Social and Emotional Learning. She has experience with academic and career counseling, and has worked with children from ages 3-18.