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Honors and AP Math

AP and honors classes don't just engage students intellectually, they often culminate in challenging exams. EDMO Coaches can help students dive deep into advanced math concepts or study and offer specific help preparing for the AP exam, if applicable. You can ask the Coach to focus on a particular area that perplexes or intrigues your child, or they can provide support on specific concepts covered in the schoolwork. Recommended materials: writing utensil and paper
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Carter Murphy

Carter has worked for EDMO over a few summers for multiple positions, but last summer he was an Instructor in San Francisco. He is in his third year at UC Irvine, where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys math and science, but has a particular liking for physics. He's really excited to pass on some of his knowledge to passionate kids!

Emily Cline

Emily Cline is excited to be an EDMO Coach! She is currently an undergraduate student at UCLA studying environmental science with concentrations in conservation biology and GIS. Emily loves working with kids because of the unique connections you can make and the invaluable perspective that kids have to offer. She is passionate about education, and believes that learning should be an immersive, engaging experience for all.