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Java Programming

Java is usually the first computer language kids who want to learn how to program learn, and EDMO Coaches are here to help! Through discussion, demonstrations, and fun-filled exercises, the Coaches can work with kids of any age and skill level. We'll help them learn the ins and outs of computer software and hardware — and make their own interactive programs.
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Nicole Carlson

Nicole is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema with a double minor in Animation and Computing Applications. She has chosen to pursue education because she believes technological skills are important to have in this new age of technology! Nicole is passionate about animation, programming, film, and art. Her favorite things to do when she’s not studying are drawing, painting, playing tennis, and surfing.

Valeria Vallejo

Valeria is currently majoring in Computer Science at San Francisco State University. As the oldest in her family, she has always been the source of entertainment for her younger siblings and cousins. Last summer, she worked as an EDMO Tech Instructor and absolutely loved how curious all of the campers were about computers and programming. Along with tech, she also loves learning about different cultures and languages, especially through art and literature. She hopes that she can one day make foreign languages and cultures more accessible and exciting for children through programming games and websites.