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Scratch is a programming language developed by MIT that allows kids to design and animate their own stories. EDMO Coaches can help students learn the basics of Scratch (or Scratch Jr.), tackle fun challenges and exercises, and create something amazing! In each session, they'll gain tools and skills relating to computer literacy, from typing to using web browsers. Recommended materials: Mac or Windows computer
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Eric Quirk

Eric Quirk is a dynamic and creative coach that graduated from Fresno State University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. He coaches to inspire his students to be empowered, respectful and creative thinkers in all areas of their life. Eric enjoys laughing, learning, growing his YouTube channel (Code This), and traveling to immerse himself in new cultures and adventures. Getting to know and listen to his students is very important to Eric. He wants his students to laugh, think, and question why because a fun class is a productive class. Eric has been coaching and inspiring kids between 3 to 18 years of age for over 15 years. A positive environment plus positive reinforcement equals creativity and growth.

Marissa Espino

Marissa is new to the EDMO family but stoked about being with such a great group of people! She has been working with children for almost 10 years now, both teaching and tutoring. Marissa received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Arizona and shortly after decided to become a certified Yoga instructor! She loves to share her passion for Yoga and learning with everyone she meets. Marissa believes that creating a positive environment for youth is the key to a beautiful future for the world.

Annie Lockmiller

Annie received a B.A. in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and will complete her M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from San Jose State in December 2020. Annie's goal in education is to make a connection with every student she works with. She seeks to help kids develop through compassion and exploring their interests. Annie is dedicated to promoting social justice and cultural awareness to help students develop an informed and open-minded perspective on the world. She also believes in laughter and fun in education. She has experience in working with students in STEM fields as well as Social and Emotional Learning. She has experience with academic and career counseling, and has worked with children from ages 3-18.