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Screenplay Writing

Every great movie has an amazing screenwriter behind it. EDMO coaches can help kids of any age who are interested in making movies bring their stories to life. Through discussion and creative-writing exercises, the coaches will focus on techniques like writing mindset, structure, story arc, and more! Required materials: writing utensil, paper
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Nicole Carlson

Nicole is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema with a double minor in Animation and Computing Applications. She has chosen to pursue education because she believes technological skills are important to have in this new age of technology! Nicole is passionate about animation, programming, film, and art. Her favorite things to do when she’s not studying are drawing, painting, playing tennis, and surfing.

Jordie Marie Rippon

Jordie Marie Rippon is A graduate student studying Creative Producing and Management at CalArts. She has previously received a Bachelor's of Science in Technology Communication and Theater. She loves to create an environment that makes it fun to learn and loves to encourage and empower kids to think about problems differently as a tool to help solve the problem.