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There's more to the ukuele than Over the Rainbow, and EDMO Coaches can help kids of all skill levels learn to play and explore various musical generes. In addition to being fun and fascinating, learning ukulele can improve concentration and memory. Required materials: four-string ukulele (any size or type)
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Clarissa Rivera

After working at EDMO for 6 summers, Clarissa is ecstatic to be back for the school year as a Coach! As part of the Sacramento team, she started off as a counselor in 2016 and has never left! Not only does Clarissa have several years of experience, she also is pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Biology. She seeks to harness the magic of science so that children may be their most authentic selves because to understand the universe is to understand oneself and vice versa. When she is not studying, Clarissa likes to play basketball, dance and play her ukulele.