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Computer Literacy

Helping kids become computer literate is almost as important as teaching them reading and mathematics. Our EDMO Coaches can help kids of any age or skill level become more comfortable with the range of functions computers offer. In each tutoring session, EDMO coaches will offer students tools and skills relating to typing, using web browsers, and other valuable skills on digital devices. You can ask the coach to focus on a particular area that intrigues your child, or they can provide support on specific concepts covered in kids' schoolwork. Recommended materials: Mac or Windows computer
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Logan Vawter

Logan is a rising Junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is passionate about teaching and loves sharing his interests in the STEM field and beyond with others. Logan is always eager to inspire youth with a love of learning and a hunger for creating. He found his time at EDMO Alameda Earhart very fulfilling and is excited to be back with this online opportunity.

Malcolm Curtis

Malcolm Curtis is a life long learner that looks to build | lead | teach. A certified personal trainer, master resiliency trainer, motivational speaker, and mindset professional. He loves to work with youth to help them find their inner superhero. Curtis believes that each of everyone has untapped, and an unlocked greatness inside of them. His belief is it just takes someone with belief to unlock that potential. He expects a lot because he gives a lot. The ultimate goal is to make your good, better, and your better, best.

Nicole Carlson

Nicole is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema with a double minor in Animation and Computing Applications. She has chosen to pursue education because she believes technological skills are important to have in this new age of technology! Nicole is passionate about animation, programming, film, and art. Her favorite things to do when she’s not studying are drawing, painting, playing tennis, and surfing.

Valeria Vallejo

Valeria is currently majoring in Computer Science at San Francisco State University. As the oldest in her family, she has always been the source of entertainment for her younger siblings and cousins. Last summer, she worked as an EDMO Tech Instructor and absolutely loved how curious all of the campers were about computers and programming. Along with tech, she also loves learning about different cultures and languages, especially through art and literature. She hopes that she can one day make foreign languages and cultures more accessible and exciting for children through programming games and websites.

Jordie Marie Rippon

Jordie Marie Rippon is A graduate student studying Creative Producing and Management at CalArts. She has previously received a Bachelor's of Science in Technology Communication and Theater. She loves to create an environment that makes it fun to learn and loves to encourage and empower kids to think about problems differently as a tool to help solve the problem.