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What is the difference between macro economics and microeconomics? What impact does economics have on the way government functions? EDMO coaches can help kids of any age learn more about key concepts in economics. During our tutoring sessions, the coach may use a combination of discussion, readings, and exercises to help students think through basic ideas or delve into particular areas that intrigue your child. The coach can also provide support on specific concepts covered in kids' schoolwork. Recommended materials: Writing utensil and paper
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Bethany Ryan

Bethany is an EDMO intstructor and coach who brings enthusiasm and years of experience to her EDMO coaching. She has worked with many kids from teaching reading as an Title 1 Teacher to tutoring kids as young as pre-school all the way to high school age. She believes all subjects can be made fun to learn, even difficult subjects like math and writing. Her wide-range of other experience also allows her to bring in many opportunities to learn from crafting embroidery to making useful projects out of cardboard to learning Chinese.