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EDMO coaches can help kids of all skill levels learn to play guitar, exploring the music genres they're most interested in. In addition to being fun and fascinating, learning guitar can improve concentration and memory. Required materials: Six-string guitar
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Michael Woods

Michael Woods is a full-time musician, composer, performer, and tutor. Michael believes that the education of the younger generations is the paramount responsibility of current working musicians, and aims to create a nurturing learning environment where musical comprehension and guitar-related studies can blossom. Michael co-founded his local Big Brother/Big Sister program in high school, where students that received private lessons volunteered to tutor students who were unable to take private lessons, ranging from grades K-12. This program ensured the health and longevity of his local area’s creative arts program by fostering a love and appreciation of musicianship and performance on a personal level. Michael is a life-long student of the guitar, and is experienced in many areas of the study, including composition, technique, arrangement, performance, and recording. He is able to read/write both sheet music and tablature, as well as jazz short-hand for accelerated learning and comprehension for the student’s benefit. Whether your child is a complete beginner or looking to accelerate their skills, Michael Woods will be able to take their playing to the next level.