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Not only does knitting allow us to create personalized works of art that we can wear, it also has a calming effect, and the repetitive movements have also been effective in the management of disruptive behavior and ADHD in children. EDMO coaches will work with young knitters of any skill level to review techniques such as rib stitching, cable stitching, and seed stitching—and will help your child create a knitted masterpiece of their choosing! Required materials: yarn, knitting needles, scissors
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Al Wong

Al Wong just graduated from Mills College with a BA in Environmental Science. Although they received a degree in Environmental Science, Al has their fair share of experience in sewing, book binding/construction, theatre arts, and photography. They have worked with students of varying ability and age, and they believe in equity in education and amplifying the voices of the unheard. They look forward to learning and growing with EDMO students!

Jordie Marie Rippon

Jordie Marie Rippon is A graduate student studying Creative Producing and Management at CalArts. She has previously received a Bachelor's of Science in Technology Communication and Theater. She loves to create an environment that makes it fun to learn and loves to encourage and empower kids to think about problems differently as a tool to help solve the problem.