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Psychology helps us gain a cohesive understanding of ourselves and considers how the body, heart, and mind integrate for optimal functioning. Our coaches teach students about the importance of maintaining balance in these areas by exploring the ways they interrelate. In addition to delving into the study of psychology, coaches help kids explore how their patterns of behavior create patterns of thought and emotion. They'll learn strategies for managing their thoughts, emotions, and actions to live from their values. Coaches can also provide support on specific concepts covered in kids' schoolwork. Required materials: none
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Kim Gardner

Kim has been coaching and teaching a wide range of subjects for over 10 years, finding her passion when she was 17. She studied psychology for her BA at CSU Sacramento and accomplished her MA in Behavior Analysis from Capella University. She taught special needs students and their families for four years before exploring life as the art instructor KimChi! She is passionate about helping youth develop their critical thinking skills and self confidence through her teaching and tutoring.