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Research Papers

As kids progress in school, they're increasingly asked to write research papers—but don't always get the instruction and support they need to practice this critical skill. EDMO coaches can help! Through 1:1 instruction, students can learn how to gather information from sources such as books and interviews, then arrange it into an essay, applying their own knowledge and opinions. You can ask the coach to focus on general paper-writing skills, or they can provide support on specific concepts covered in kids' schoolwork. Recommended materials: writing utensil and paper
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Kim Gardner

Kim has been supporting children through the struggles of communication and self-confidence using Academics and the Arts for the last 10 years. She started her career teaching children with autism how to find their voice, and now she uses her expertise to support children with all levels of functioning to grow in confidence. Having faced bullies herself throughout her life, she has grown passionate about teaching parents to understand their child’s behaviors and provide support with navigating the difficulties of being bullied.