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EDMO coaches will help music students of any skill level learn to play saxophone or improve their existing skills. Students can work with tutors to explore a variety of music written for the instrument, improving their fluency in reading sheet music, and develop their skills in intonation, rhythm, and basic music theory. Required materials: a saxophone and a reed (2.5 reed strength is recommended for beginners)
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Maia Kueny

Maia has spent the past four summers with Camp EDMO, and is very excited to return as an EDMO Coach! She really enjoys working with young people, and has had the opportunity to do so as both a swim teacher and an EDMO camp counselor! To her, there is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in someone's life through education. Maia believes that with hard work anything is possible, and has brought this belief with her in her life as both a student and a teacher. She has a passion for math, science, and music, and is currently the Assistant Drum Major for her school's marching band. Maia plays the flute, the oboe, and the alto saxophone, and also conducts music. In her free time Maia enjoys reading, hiking, running, doing her math homework, and searching for good jokes.