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Being a bridge between Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Turkey holds a deep history. Since it is an emerging market with a growing economy, Turkey’s economic and political influence grows in time. If you want to stand out in the crowd and interested in history, children of all ages and levels can start learning Turkish: understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Based on the student’s interest, the class can revolve around any topic, included but not limited to world history, global perspectives or cultural discussions in Turkish, once some conversational skills are sharpened!
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Bukle Unaldi

Bukle Unaldi is a curious world citizen that aims to solve global problems by educating the younger generation. She believes the imagination of children is the key to solve various issues that adults are struggling with. Which is why, she wrote and published her first book when she was 17, to make her voice heard. She also won several awards in public speaking, education Hackathons and national debates in Turkey. During college, she travelled the world and lived in 6 different countries, Argentina, South Korea, Germany, India, Turkey and the United States. She tutored more than 100 children from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Currently she is expecting her Neuroscience and Arts & Literature degrees in May from Minerva Schools at KGI. Bukle believes that learning can be best achieved through active learning, thus, a teachers role should be letting the children channel their imagination to solve real-life problems.