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Zumba is a fun interval workout set to exciting, toe-tapping music. EDMO coaches will lead kids in groups of one to three through a sequence of songs, teaching them easy-to-learn dance sequences that move between high and low intensity and get blood flowing, boost cardio endurance, and release pent-up energy. Required materials: None
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Julissa Martinez

Julissa Martinez is currently on her 4th year of college at the University of California Merced, majoring in Psychology and Public Health. She is bilingual; fluent in English and Spanish. The passion to create and help kids develop and grow to their best of their abilities with surrounding support and an encouraging environment is what strives her to be the best version of herself when working with kids. She has always been learning and working with kids from babysitting family members to volunteering and working with kids. Her career goals involve working with kids because she loves the experiences she's had with them; kids uplift and create a fun working environment. Education is a critical component in a kids development so when she can do something to provide help or support, she is driven to take on that opportunity to get kids striving in all that they do.