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Roblox Online Camps & Classes
Using the "Team Create" feature in Roblox Studio, kids design and build a 3D game world in these sessions. They'll be able to collaborate on a shared digital space in real time, practicing fundamental computer skills as well as collaboration, empathy, and digital citizenship.
Learn Roblox Game Design & Programming
Roblox Game Design & Programming Tutoring
Learn Roblox Game Design using Roblox Studio or bring gaming ideas to life with Roblox Programming. Our coaches will teach the skills and design fun exercises all while helping develop self-confidence and a growth mindset in the process.
Roblox Virtual Birthday Parties, Roblox Birthday Party

Birthday Island parties take place in a custom built Roblox world and include many customizations specifically for the birthday kid. Kids will get to play together in a communal space while navigating mazes, obstacle courses, climbing challenges and more.
EDMO is a Featured Roblox Educator! EDMO provides Roblox Classes online, Roblox camp

All EDMO Roblox programs are designed to provide kids
the opportunity to practice these skills from The EDMO Method®:

The EDMO Method Recipe - Social Emotional Learning
Working with others towards a common goal or action

Social Emotional Learning  - Initiative
Taking action, staying motivated, and persevering through challenges

Social Emotional Learning - Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Defining a problem, proposing solutions, testing those solutions and adapting accordingly

Roblox Online Camps & Classes

We don't currently have anything available for this subject, but we are always adding new classes so check back soon!