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All of our EDMO staff, from the Home Office to the field, practice and recognize each other for the same six SEL skills we aim to build in kids: Responsibility, Empathy, Collaboration, Initiative, Problem Solving, and Emotion Management (The EDMO RECIPE). We recruit staff as much for their character as for their experience or academic accomplishments. If you’re curious about joining the EDMO team yourself, please visit our Job Opportunities page.

Eduardo Caballero

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Sharon Mor

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ai Le

Chief Financial Officer

Dharma Eyer

Payroll Specialist

Ashleigh Bricker

Development Director

Courtney Cimoli

Chief Programs Officer

Alvaro Lacayo

Warehouse Facilities, Logistics & Purchasing Director

Cat Lactaoen

Supply Manager

Jose Ortiz

Warehouse Floor Specialist

Carlos Cazares

Warehouse Associate

Pete Hernandez

Warehouse Associate

Brittny Nation

Curriculum Director

Amy McLaughlin

Curriculum Developer

Candice Bryant

Curriculum Developer

Kenia Fuentes

Curriculum Developer

Joe Allington

Systems Director

Meisha Booker

Systems Developer

Miranda Welle

Recruiting Manager

Jesi Guerrero


Morgan Glover


Jess Lackey

Director of Public Relations and Communications

Angelica Mercader

Marketing Manager

Kendra Watkins

Director of Partnerships

Mandee Schultz

Customer Relations Director

Luis Martinez

Bilingual Customer Relations Specialist

Amyah Durant

Customer Relations Specialist

Olajuwon Roberts

Partner Relations Manager

Nathan Dennen

Partner Relations Manager

Justin Howard

Area Manager

Ashley Rangel

Region Manager

Dom Zamora

Region Manager

Harlo Mulengwa

Region Manager

Helena Ortiz

Region Manager

Jermain Montiel

Region Manager

Kayla McCain

Region Manager

Kira Becker

Region Manager

Leslie DeLuca

Region Manager

Rance Hodge Jr

Salinas Region Manager

Margaret Farmer

HR Director

Rachel Shensa

HR Generalist


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