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We provide customizable programs for after-school, summer + year-round expanded learning.

After-School Programs

Comprehensive after-school programs that are customizable to fit the needs of your district.

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Summer Camps

Summer Camps featuring our custom STEAM+ Social Emotional Learning curriculum.

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YEAR-ROUND Expanded Learning

Add EDMO fun year round with after-school programs and summer camps!

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“Students enjoyed making meaningful connections with staff.  The camp vibe was great!  Focus on SEL and STEAM is appreciated.”
Napa Valley Unified School District, partners with EDMO for OST programming
School Principal
Napa Valley Unified School District
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We share about our emotions, our thoughts and ourselves, and we are mindful of how our words and actions impact others.

Kids working together to complete a camp group activity

Problem Solving

We share our ideas and solutions with each other and we utilize each other's strengths to better our community.

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We speak and act with courage and respect, and we speak up when something is unfair or people are being excluded.

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We communicate and make decisions together, and we encourage and support each other.

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We work to understand each other and we value our differences.

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Reimagining How Kids Access Learning

Inequity in accessing out of school time learning opportunities is not new. EDMO is actively working to dismantle the financial barriers that prevent kids from accessing quality out-of-classroom learning programs.



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