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Cultivating kind, curious and courageous humans.


We envision a more connected world where all people feel confident on their journey toward self-discovery and cultivate a deep sense of responsibility.


We provide equitable access to out-of-school learning opportunities designed to help every person cultivate a sense of self, own their impact, and show up in the world with curiosity, courage, and kindness.


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We share about our emotions, our thoughts and ourselves, and we are mindful of how our words and actions impact others.

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Problem Solving

We share our ideas and solutions with each other and we utilize each other's strengths to better our community.

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We speak and act with courage and respect, and we speak up when something is unfair or people are being excluded.

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We communicate and make decisions together, and we encourage and support each other.

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We work to understand each other and we value our differences.

Our History

Eduardo and Sharon

Eduardo & Sharon meet in 1999

EDMO Co-founders Eduardo Caballero and Sharon Mor meet at SCORE! Educational Centers in Santa Clarita. Sharon, a UCLA graduate, becomes Eduardo’s first boss out of college. There, Eduardo, a Cornell University graduate, shared his dream of one day opening his own summer camp with Sharon. (Fun fact: Eduardo had worked at day camps in his hometown of San Francisco ever since he was 12 years old. He thought it was the best job in the world and couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do with his life.)

Eduardo with Camp Edventure More sign

EDMO was founded in 2004

Destiny called! While backpacking through South America, Eduardo got a call from Sharon asking if he wanted to start that camp he always talked about. They decided to start a nonprofit summer camp that focused on building the traits of curiosity, courage, and kindness through hands-on arts and science programs.

Kids playing with rainbow parachute

Summer of 2004

The first Camp Edventure More (now known as “EDMO”) opened in Mill Valley, California, with a curriculum written by staff from Bay Area museums. The camp was small, with only 60 kids over four weeks, but a huge hit with kids and parents.

Partnerships were formed.

Fall of 2004

The California Academy of Sciences, The Exploratorium, and the YMCA of Marin liked EDMO’s mission and agreed to help EDMO develop its curriculum design — and the first partnerships were born.

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Camp Edventure More opened a second site in San Francisco, California.

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EDMO ran a multitude of school year programs and 32 on-site summer camps locations in the San Francisco-Bay Area and Greater Sacramento regions of California.

Online classes


EDMO turned lemons into lemonade. During this pivotal year, EDMO worked tirelessly, rebuilding the company to include virtual programs and expanding to include a multitude of new programs.

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EDMO Today

EDMO transitions 100% to partnership model with school districts and other lead educational agencies to create equitable access to high-quality enrichment programs.

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KIDS engaged

At EDMO, we have a proven track record of success having worked with over 155,000 kids and creating memorable learning experiences that last a lifetime.



We have a wealth of experience in co-creating and delivering enriching summer and after-school programs that meet the unique needs of each community.


YEARS OF impact

With 20 years of experience in the field, we have the expertise and dedication to provide high-quality, well-rounded programs that have a lasting impact on the lives of the students we work with.

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Our Model

We provide high-quality, year-round, out-of-classroom programming. We use a multi-layered approach to learning so that kids can gain hard skills (like STEAM and foreign languages) while practicing soft skills (SEL) through The EDMO Method.

We employ well-trained staff members who are passionate about the EDMO mission and educate by example. We partner with school districts, organizations, and local communities to provide equitable access to out-of-school learning for kids across the socio-economic spectrum.

By holistically educating kids, we connect them to the impact their learning and actions have on the world around them.

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