April 2023 Days of Awareness & Celebration

April 1, 2023

Hey there, EDMO friends! April is here, and we're so excited to explore this month's incredible days of awareness and celebration with you. This month, we'll celebrate diversity, inclusion, and our environment together. 

April presents us with…

Diversity Month: Celebrated annually in April, Diversity Month is a time to appreciate and embrace the wealth of differences that make up our society, encompassing not only cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity but also gender, faith, sexual orientation, and more. The observance encourages us to recognize and honor the contributions of diverse communities and individuals, fostering understanding, dialogue, and collaboration between people from different backgrounds. During Diversity Month, various events and activities are organized to promote a sense of unity, empathy, and inclusivity for all, highlighting the rich tapestry of unique experiences, perspectives, and identities that contribute to our vibrant global community.

Arab American Heritage Month: Recognized nationally since the 2017,, Arab American Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Arab Americans to the United States. From influential thinkers like Khalil Gibran to pioneering scientists like Ahmed Zewail, Arab Americans have made a lasting impact on American society. Let's learn about the diverse cultures, traditions, and histories that shape the Arab American experience.

Autism Acceptance Month: Originally established as Autism Awareness Month in the 1970s, this observance has evolved to focus on acceptance and appreciation for the neurodiverse community. Throughout April, we'll explore the unique strengths and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum and learn how to foster inclusive environments for all.

National ASL Day (April 15): Established in 2015, National ASL Day commemorates the founding of American Sign Language (ASL) and its important role in the Deaf community. April 15 marks the day in 1817 when the first permanent school for the Deaf was founded in the United States, helping to establish ASL as a distinct language. Join us as we celebrate the beauty and significance of ASL, and appreciate its role in enabling inclusive communication.

International Day of Pink (April 12): Originating in 2007, the International Day of Pink was inspired by two Canadian high school students who stood up against homophobic bullying. By wearing pink, we unite against all forms of bullying and discrimination, fostering an environment of respect, understanding, and inclusion for everyone.

Spanish Language Day (April 23): Established by the United Nations in 2010, Spanish Language Day celebrates the cultural and historical importance of the Spanish language, which is spoken by over 460 million people worldwide. April 23 also marks the death anniversary of Spain's most celebrated writer, Miguel de Cervantes. Join us as we explore the linguistic richness and diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Earth Day (April 22): Since its founding in 1970, Earth Day has become a global movement dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and protecting our planet for future generations. This year's Earth Day theme is "Restore Our Earth," highlighting the urgent need to address the environmental challenges facing our planet. From climate change to pollution to loss of biodiversity, these issues require collective action and innovative solutions.

Gathering of Nations (April 27-29): Since 1983, the Gathering of Nations has brought together Indigenous peoples from across North America for a vibrant celebration of culture and heritage. As we explore the rich traditions and history of indigenous communities, we'll learn about the significance of the powwow, the power of unity, and the importance of preserving Indigenous cultures for generations to come.

As we commemorate these special holidays and observances, let's not forget the importance of fostering empathy, understanding, and respect for all individuals and communities. We're eager to explore and grow with you during this enlightening month of celebrations. So, let the adventure begin, and together, let's embark on this journey of learning and discovery!

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