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School + Community Partner Programs

We are here for students, schools, school districts, and organizations!

At EDMO, we bring learning to life — during the summer and beyond! Whether your students love getting their hands dirty doing science experiments, exploring new worlds through coding, or creating beautiful works of art, we have online and in-person programming throughout the entire year.

We work with lead educational agencies and nonprofits that qualify for government 21st Century, ASES, ESSER, ELO, ELO-P as well as other private and philanthropic funding sources, to co-design transformational and equitable summer and after-school programs.

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EDMO - Summer camps, tutoring, social emotional learning and STEAM

Summer Partner Program

Let’s co-design a whole-child and whole-day summer experience for your students. Pair your half-day summer school with a half-day of enthusiastic EDMO staff leading hands-on science, making, coding, art, mindfulness and recreation — on campus, online, or both! Better yet? Bring EDMO in to be your full-day summer program provider — the options for EDMO summer partnerships are endless!

Past and current partners include: the City of San Francisco, Alameda Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, Napa Valley Unified School District, Berkeley Unified School District, and the Sacramento County Office of Education.

In-Person or Online
In-Person full-day programs are typically 6 or more hours.
In-Person half-day programs typically run 3 hours per day.
Online half-day programs vary from 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day.
Online full-day programs are typically 4.5-5 hours.

Region Manager
We recruit, hire, and train local in-person staff whenever possible. We also provide you with a Region Manager to help with planning, implementation, attendance tracking, and ongoing customer support.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
All programs integrate SEL skill-building activities.

After-School Programs

Let’s co-create a comprehensive after-school program that fits your funding and supports your families! Every moment counts — and can be fun!

Past and current partners include: Alameda Unified School District, Growth Public Schools, Mission Graduates, Richmond Neighborhood Community Center, Boys & Girls Club, and more.

Region Manager and/or Site Coordinator
We provide you with a Region Manager or Site Coordinator to help with planning, implementation, attendance tracking, and ongoing customer support.

These programs are 3+ hours per day, 180 days a year. You can customize the hours, themes and structure.

Well-Rounded Programs
Each day includes homework help, outdoor game time, social emotional learning, and hands-on enrichment activities.

Camp EDMO - Summer Camps, Tutoring, Break Camps & More
EDMO - Summer camps, tutoring, social emotional learning and STEAM

Educator Professional Development

We’ve run 18 years of summer camps and after-school programming. We love to share our knowledge and expand positive impact with other educators in custom workshops and training both in-person and virtual!
Past PD at national and region conferences includes: Training over 500 educators in SEL techniques, hands-on STEAM activity approaches, and out-of-school time programming innovations.

Our Community Partners

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