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Camp EDMO for Leaders-in-Training!

Built specifically for kids who have aged out of our summer camps, our EDMO Leader-in-Training (LIT) program is for kids entering 9th through 12th grades who are looking to build leadership and facilitation skills. Focusing on team bonding and a deepened sense of responsibility in both the day-to-day interactions and overall vibe and camp experience, LITs gain community service hours, earn a letter of recommendation, cultivate strengths, and lay the foundation for leadership positions in the future. And that’s not all — LITs also become priority applicants for paid positions with EDMO!

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Camp EDMO - Best STEAM Summer Camps, Online Tutoring
Camp EDMO - Leader in training program, CIT

Attending Camp EDMO as an LIT

The LIT program rotates weekly through five camp themes — Leadership, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity + Inclusion, and Work Ethic. LIT campers choose the week/s they would like to participate in. Each week, LITs complete a challenge to showcase what they have learned, while gaining real-world job experience, building mentor relationships with experienced staff, and earning service hours.

The EDMO Leader-in-Training program runs June 6th — August 19th, 2022. Registration begins on January 6th.

EDMO offers three tracks to compliment
LIT skill sets and passions:

Growth LIT

Assists in Curriculum Enrichment rotations

The Growth LIT leads in the classroom by helping campers overcome personal barriers and pushing campers to challenge themselves and do things they never thought possible.

-Paired with one instructor to help in camp classes
-Acts as an Assistant Instructor and classroom manager in order to support the EDMO Instructor
-Supports campers through problem solving and the growth mindset

Vibe LIT

Assists in Game & Team Time rotations

The Vibe LIT focuses on the emotional wellness of our campers and overall health of our camp atmosphere. In this role, Vibe LITs learn how to develop and lead with their own vibe - driven by their character - to help campers develop and manage their own personal vibe.

-Support Counselors with facilitation of games and team time (stays in team time and game time during camp so will work with 2 different groups/counselors)
-Assists with social and emotional wellbeing of campers and preserving camp energy
-Aids Camp Directors with camp operations as they relate to campers' wellbeing, including rallies, all-camp activities, and overall camp vibe.


Lead LIT

Experience Required - Assists across camp

The Lead LIT takes on leadership responsibilities with their peers, practicing being a leader and adapting to the the needs of others. Lead LITs earn a priority application for a spot as a paid EDMO staff member when ready.

-Leads fellow LITs in leadership challenges
-Helps answer other LITs questions
-Supports the Camp Director and other site staff
-Rotates between classes and groups to offer any support needed
-Assists in helping campers who need additional support

Requirements (2022 only):
-Must have attended at least four weeks of in-person EDMO camp (as a camper or LIT)
-Must schedule and participate in a 30-minute virtual interview before their first week of camp


All LIT tracks also participate in the following daily tasks:

Assist with daily check-in and out
Participate in Rally and All Camp Activity set-up and breakdown
Attend weekly LIT meetings & complete the weekly LIT challenge
Assist in curriculum prep (cleaning classroom, prepping enrichment supplies)Walk campers to office & restroom
Sit with shy or active campers
Know what campers are working on and assist to the best of their ability
Help ensure safety of campers by playing/monitoring throughout the day

A day in the life of an
EDMO Leader-in-Training

Sample LIT Daily Schedule

Leaders In Training
—  Check-In/Assist with Prep
—  Assist with Check-In
—  Opening Rally
—  Growth or Vibe
—  Snack
—  Growth or Vibe
—  Lunch
—  Growth or Vibe
—  Growth or Vibe
—  Closing Rally
—  Assist with Check-Out
—  End of Day
Camp EDMO - Best STEAM Summer Camps, Online Tutoring

Camp policies, safety, and logistics

We know that you are entrusting us with your children and we do not take that responsibility lightly! We follow strict guidelines to ensure that kids and staff are safe during all of our programs.

Camp EDMO - Best STEAM Summer Camps, Online Tutoring

What parents and kids are saying

In-Person Camps
All kids feel welcome
The counselors enthusiastically greet the children (by name!), along with parents, at drop-off and pick-up so that we all (especially the kids) feel so welcome. Plus they constantly repeat the children's names while communicate with them. What kid wouldn't feel welcome?
In-Person Camp Parent
Fun, education and safe experience
I'm floored by this camp! They created an amazingly fun, educational and safe experience for my son. He is so shy and insecure around new groups of people. But it's obvious the organization really trains their staff (more so than any other camp/educational facility I've experienced).
In-Person Camp Parent
In-Person Camps
EDMO is doing an amazing job
My son has really bad social anxiety and I haven’t seen him this happy is so long. I was in tears last night when he was telling me how happy he is at camp. You guys are doing an amazing job, thank you.
In-Person Camp Parent
In-Person Camps

What Parents and Kids Are Saying About EDMO

EDMO is doing an amazing job
My son has really bad social anxiety and I haven’t seen him this happy is so long. I was in tears last night when he was telling me how happy he is at camp. You guys are doing an amazing job, thank you.
In-Person Camp Parent
Engaging virtual class!
This is the most engaged I've seen my son in ANY virtual class thus far. We will be back for sure!
Online Camp Parent
Virtual camp feels like regular camp
My kid has been so proud of his accomplishments in coding and his ability to finish something. Sometimes he struggles with getting frustrated and giving up and this has been a great exercise in sticking to it even when it is hard.
Online Camp Parent

Registration for 2022 Camp EDMO is open!

One... two... three... let’s EDMO! Join us in Summer 2022 for exciting themes and collaborative learning: click here to get up-to-date information on all things EDMO.

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