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A Different Kind of Experience for ALL Kids

While the real magic is in how we weave together science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum with our very own social and emotional learning (SEL) methods, the secret to that  EDMO feeling is in our commitment to meeting each and every kid where they are.

EDMO - Summer camps, tutoring, social emotional learning and STEAM
Best STEAM Summer Camps in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Austin

The EDMO Model

STEAM curriculum + SEL teaching methods = kind, curious, and courageous kids. Since 2004, we have been devoted to creating environments that cultivate the good we hope to see in the world. From how we teach kids to how we interact with each other, we are committed to creating brave spaces where each person can show up as their authentic self.

A FUN and Welcoming Environment

Yes, there’s a lot of learning. Yes, there’s a lot of growth. But if we aren’t having fun along the way, we aren’t doing it right! At EDMO, we invite each person to bring their one true selves each and every day.

Best STEAM Summer Camps in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Austin

Sparking Curiosity with Every Program

Each EDMO experience is intentionally developed to encourage kids to ask “why” and push the boundaries of their learning experience. We encourage collaboration in environments where it’s okay to make mistakes and get a bit messy. After all, growing and learning rarely happen in a straight line!

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